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Hytek marketing
Hytek marketing is company which save money and increase employee productivity by providing industrial tools. [Details]
air shower manufacturerAccumax India
Accumax India is among the top air shower manufacturers and suppliers in India and all over the world. Air Shower serve to protect your Clean Room Environment from Unwanted Contamination. Clean Garments Become contaminated During The Gowning/ Ungowning Process, General Use, And Because Of High Traffic In The Gowning Area. The Contamination Problem Is Amplified When the Same Garment Is Worn Several Times Or Is taken On And Off Numerous Times During The Day. [Details]
Lyophilizer manufacturer in india
Accumax India is a leading Laboratory Lyophilizer(freeze dryer) machine manufacturers in India and all over the world We offer Lyophilizer at a fair price and excellent warranty terms Stainless Steel Construction, With Perspex See Through Lid, Gasket And Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator For Measurement Of Temperature, Vacuum Indicator,Hermetically Sealed Compressor, Fitted With 100 Liters/ Min Rotary Vane Type Vacuum Pump Of Double Stage With Air Ballast Having Ultimate Vacuum Of 1x10-3 Torr On Pump Head, PUF Insulated, Between Outer And Inner Chamber For Minimal Thermal Losses. Condenser Trap All Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Fabricated, Argon Arc Welded, Dished-Bottom For Complete Effluent Removal. Refrigeration Coils Made Of Copper Bonded To Outside Of Condenser HeavilyInsulated. Temp. Up To (-)40° C At Ambient Temperature Of 20° C Is Maintained Through A Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controller. Vacuum Drum Has 6 Or 12 Port Manifold (Main Drying Chamber) Made Of Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic Grade With Perspex Top Cover. [Details]
laboratory furniture
Shreyas lab furniture is one of the largest and leading manufactures of laboratory equipment and modular lab furniture. We follow SEFA 8 and ASHIRE 110 guidelines to manufacture and develop our lab furniture and fume hoods. SHREYAS representatives are available to help you for laboratory design and layout, product selection, ordering, scheduling and installation. [Details]
Cablu CYY-f
Tottul despre cablul electric de energie CYY-f [Details]